Ordination Procedures for Novices and Bhikkhus

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Ordination Procedures for Novices and Bhikkhus
There are two types of ordination, the first is those who are ordained while not yet twenty years
of age, the second being the beginning stages of those who take higher ordination.
Higher ordination is the act of ordaining monks in Buddhism. This process involves ten steps.
1. The individual must first be ordained as a novice.
2. The individual must request dependence from the Preceptor
3. Paying respects to the Preceptor
4. The Preceptor tells him his own name and the novices in Pali
5. The Preceptor presents the novice with his alms bowl and saffron robes
6. The Preceptor then requests the novice to retire to a point outside the assembly hall
7. Appointed monks assemble outside the assembly to ask the novice examination questions
8. Ask the novices to reenter the assembly hall after the exam
9. The novice must then request permission to be ordained
10. The novice must then be asked examination questions again in the assembly hall

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