Tell a Lie 

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Tell a Lie 

All kinds of excuse that had been made… Some was the truth… Some was not… Some was mixed.   Sometime, telling the truth 70% and lie 30% or the other way around.

Thus, in each excuse one make, there would be a lie.  Each time one telling a lie, he would lie to himself at least 3 times.  Why?

1. He would prepare the story.  If he is used to it, he might make it up very quick.
2. He tell his lie as he has intended.
3. He remembered his lie, otherwise someone might knows about it.

If such matter is an important one, he would remember for a long time otherwise he would be in big trouble.  Then, his lie would increase from 3 to 5 - 10 times or more.  His mind would only be fill with the lies he made.  Later, when he speaks the truth, he might confuses whether what he said is the truth or lie. 

August 14, 2015
Luang Por Dattajeevo

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