What is ‘habit' ?

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What is ‘habit' ?

Habit is the repeated behavior that we have done from morning till dawn since we were young until grown up, and eventually get used to it.  We would feel irritated if we are interrupted or unable to do such behavior…  This is how we determine whether it is our habit or not.

We must make this clear.  Habit is whatever we do until become addicted to it.  How can we know for sure whether it is our habit?
We would feel uncomfortable or irritate if we can’t do it.

If it is the bad habit, we should quit because it would be the bad karma that close our path to heaven and nirvana.  We must quit it at all cost.  If we can not, then it would eventually become our lost from one to another.

August 24, 2019
Luang Por Dattajeevo



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