How to become successful at work?  

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 How to become successful at work?  

If you wish to become successful there are 2 sentences that I would like to leave you with.  The first is “Success is where your shadow lies.”  One must cover and oversee every detail of his job.  The second is “Wherever there is work, your foot print must be there.”

Hearing these two sentences might make one think that it is about primarily being responsible, but there is an important point that that many tend to overlook. 

When one's success grows responsibility increases.  Everyone wants their work to progress but they tend to forget about the increased workload that comes with it. Can they really cover all the details now?  If they can’t really do it, their shadow won't be able to encompass and oversee the entirety of their work. Thus mistakes may arise. Gaps and conflicts may turn into ever widening problems and failure. 

Thus it is important that one's foundation or footprint is strong and large enough to bear the weight and responsibilities of an expanding job. The stronger the base the higher you can rise.

Therefore, our forefather taught us that when expanding an organization or job, one must be sure that his footprint can step upon every detail, and that his shadow can cover the entire organization. In this way success will be imminent.

March 9, 2015
Luang Por Dattajeevo

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