Introduction for Lovely Love

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Introduction for Lovely Love

                 Love has existed for a long time  because mankind has love in their  hearts throughout their lifetime on Earth. Love is innate in us ever since we are born. As an infant, we were brought up by our  parents who gave us warmth and tenderness. We were also surrounded by relatives who adore us. As we grow up, beloved friends come into our lives – boys, girls, men and women of various ages coming from all walks of life. Over time, love extends its branches to become couple love, which further blooms into marriage. Through this union, we bear our offspring. Taking care of our children is a responsibility in life that we have to carry out with love. As time passes and as

               we get older, we impart wisdom gained through our life experiences and shower bountiful love to our younger generation. Many people spend their lives giving love
to others and receiving love from others. For innumerable times, they often encounter both
satisfaction and disappointment. Even when death is near and it is time for them to depart,
some people still struggle with love that is not reciprocated. Sadly, they leave the world without
a good understanding of love.


               This book Lovely Love will give you precious insight about love in different aspects. It will also serve as a guide that will help to develop one’s love to be more beautiful and complete, whether it is love towards one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, parents, siblings or oneself. Amongst all kinds of love, the only superior love that supersedes all  others is universal love.


               Everyone should learn how to attain universal love – it is a love which is pure, all encompassing, complete and powerful.  This type of love can easily be attained through meditation practice. This book also includes testimonies from people who are blessed by endless love in their lives, all made possible through meditation and Dhamma practice. In the book, you will discover that the study and practice of Dhamma can help you to improve your love life. You
will love others as well as yourself in the right way, bringing about a happy and enriching life.
Most importantly, universal love will blossom within you, and you will soon be ready to bring
great positive changes to your life and to others  around you.

Lovely Love
by Luang Phaw Dhammajayo


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