How does meditation lead to world peace? 

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How does meditation lead to world peace? 


                Let’s imagine that everyone in the world, not just in Thailand, but each individual around the world, took the time to meditate for 1 hour a day. What would the world look like? For sure the world would change for the better.


                Pure and powerful energy from the stillness of the mind, called "boon" in Thai or merit, is created in large quantities when one cultivates stillness. We may not be able to directly see it, but each time we meditate our mind is cleansed of all negativities and purified to its originally bright and pure state.


                Continuously encourage yourself to practice meditation daily and share the knowledge of inner peace to your family, friends and loved ones. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Everyone can attain inner peace regardless of race or religion. If you practice meditation every day, you’ll find happiness every day. Keep practicing earnestly in all situations, and you will find true peace.


                 I once asked my meditation master, Master Nun Chandra, “if everyone in the world, or one million people meditate and still their minds together, how would this impact the world?”


                 She replied that, “the world will be calm and peaceful for sure. Because of the accumulative power of stillness from each of us meditating together around the world, everyone will more easily attain Inner Peace.”


Luang Por Dattajeevo

From the book ‘World Peace through Inner Peace’

April 20, 2014

(Translated & Edited by Good Q&A Team)

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