Duties and Responsibilities for Monks(Behaviour Worthy of respect)

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Duties and Responsibilities for Monks

-Alms Gathering 

-Temple cleaning 


-Chanting and Meditation 


-Caring for Teachers 

-Management, Maintenance and Exercise 

-Dhamma and Monastic Studies 
-Caring for Temple Property and Responsibility 

-Behaviour worthy of Respect

10. Behaviour Worthy of respect
     A person worthy of homage and respect is a person who develops himself and succeeds in his desire to be ordained as a monk— in other words, he must successfully rid himself of mental defilements.
There are three types of mental defilements.
1. Greed
2. Hatred
3. Delusion
what can you do to rid yourself of these three defilements?
This last duty exists to remind a monk to practice wholeheartedly the first nine monastic duties in order to gain respect from laymen.
     The Benefits of Behavior worthy of Respect You will be a person who is happy because you live your life in a true and proper way. The most important thing is being able to conduct yourself in a manner befitting the true purpose of ordination.

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