What ‘skill’ does a Leader needed?

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What ‘skill’ does a Leader needed?

Being a ‘Leader’, one must be skillful in ‘Linguistic’. Why?
Imagine, when we try to tell someone something, we must begin with thinking, then speak it out. However, it can not be 100 percent as we think it would be. If one is not skillful in ‘Linguistic,’ whether it is speaking or writing, not only it is unclear, it could make others misunderstood. Instead of being helpful, it creates more works.

Also, a ‘Leader’ must be very careful of his emotion. Having the authority as a leader, one might gets irritated from being unable to gets what one’s want, or the subordinate is incapable to the assign task, and etc.

Instead of showing a bright smily face, one would shows a dark-clouded and irritated face toward his subordinates. Therefore, being a ‘leader’… one must be very careful of his emotion. Do not let anger gets to us.

Luang Por Dattajeevo

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