Koh Samui Retreat

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Koh Samui Retreat

      The beautiful deep sea-green jewel that lies just off the South-eastern coast of Thailand is called the island of Koh Samui.

      In an effort to provide the most important element to compliment the perfect Spa experience, meditation will now be taught by an ordained Buddhist monk.

      Beginning this year, "The Middle Way" team of The Dhammakaya Foundations has committed to conduct monthly meditation training sessions at the beautiful Five Star Samui Peninsula Resort and Spa on the island of Samui.

      The owners of the Samui Peninsula Resort and Spa have graciously offered their beautiful facilities to provide a base from which we can introduce, promote, and teach basic introductory meditation sessions, free of charge.
Meditation is absolutely essential for the mind and inner well-being to compliment the Spa"s wonderful treatment and massage therapies for the body.
      Those seeking to develop peace of mind can experience personally, the immediate, marvelous affects, as well as long-term life-changing benefits derived from meditation tought correctly.
Now you can rejuvenate not only your body but your mind as well, by learning the simple meditation method.

      At the "Koh Samui" Monthly Meditation Session, you will learn the Dhammakaya Meditation Technique, one of the most ancient methods of meditation in the world.
      Its simplicity, originality and effectiveness have made Dhammakaya among the most popular meditation techniques in Thailand, and its international popularity is growing fast.
      As such, the practice of this technique is not in conflict with any religion or belief system, and is open to anyone to try for themselves.

The late Phra Mongkolthepmuni, a celebrated meditation master

      This proven technique dates back to more than 2,500 years ago, and was lost to the world about 500 years after the passing of the Lord Buddha. It was rediscovered in 1917 by Ven. Phra Mongkolthepmuni, a renowned Buddhist monk.
      The uniqueness of the Dhammakaya meditation is that it is the only meditation technique in the world that teaches about the center of the body as the natural home of the human mind as well as the inner gateway to enlightenment. The closer your mind is to its natural home, the closer or deeper you are in the natural state of the mind--hapiness.
      The Dhammakaya Meditation also has moral impact on the mind. It cleanses the mind so that regular meditators become gentler, kinder, and feel increasingly uncomfortable to harm anyone either by speech or action. Their bad habits will decline in degree or are even dropped altogether while their good habits grow in intensity. Anyone who wish to quit any unpleasant habit or acquire a new good habit for their personal development or career progress should try our meditation.


"Koh Samui" Monthly Meditation Session Conducted in English by

Phra Burin Thitakusalo.
Ordained Meditation Teaching Monk

Richard Salvatore Esposito, Ph.B., BA, L.O.C.m. 
Director of International Programs Dhammakaya Foundation


      Meditation training conducted by highly experienced instructors utilizing the "Dhammakaya" original and elegantly simple meditation technique
      Discover and experience for yourself, how the correct practice of meditation, can not only relieve stress but open new doors of creativity, peace of mind and serene happiness in your daily life.

      For Further Information on "Koh Samui" Monthly Meditation Session
Please contact us at 
Website   :  http://www.mdwmeditation.org/
Telephone   :  081-694-0193
E-mail  :  [email protected]

Space is limited so contact us as soon as possible to Pre-Register and reserve your place! 

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