Understand Retribution

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Understand Retribution

Learning the Law of Karma is a must,
but this should not make us feel sad,
discouraged and hopeless.

Neither should we abandon our
lives to desperation or escape from
the truth. We study the Law of
Karma in order to understand that
every single thought, speech, or
act, has its effect. Acknowledging
this fact, we learn to accept the
truth that sufferings are merely
karmic consequences.

We must use the
knowledge about the
Law of Karma to solve the
problems in our lives.

First we have to stop and stand firm before
taking any action. Drinking alcohol, gambling,
or committing suicide to escape is not the
right solution. When facing problems, we must
clear our mind of all thoughts and anxiety,
and recollect the teachings of the Lord
Buddha. Keep doing good deeds like sharing,
observing the precepts and meditating as a
way to improve the situation.

12 December 2006
By Luang Por Dhammajayo

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