Extinguishing Suffering

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Extinguishing Suffering

                 When we attain the Dhammakaya within, there will be no more suffering,  boredom, stress, tension, sadness, or 

                Before attaining Dhammakaya, life is like  running against the wind with a burning torch in our hand. The flame blowing towards us brings us heat and pain. When we reach a pond and dip the torch into the water, the flame is put out. The coolness of the water replaces the heat and puts an end to our pain. 

                 We will soon forget that we were suffering just a short while ago. That is how those who attain the Dhammakaya feel. They will feel happy and peaceful, and ready to perform only good deeds. Even in hard times, there will be no loss of courage.

21 May 2004

By Luang Por Dhammajayo

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